Exams in Spanish

Taking a DANB exam in Spanish

Starting in Jan. 2024, DANB offers the RHS exam in Spanish. Learn more about this option and what to consider if you plan to apply for an exam.

Starting in Jan. 2024, DANB offers the RHS exam in Modern Spanish. The English and Spanish-language versions of the exams are equivalent. They follow the same exam outline, use the same question bank, and have the same pass point.

The Spanish-language version of the exam will present the questions in Spanish, with the option to also view the questions in English.

In addition to the exam, DANB offers these materials in Spanish:

  • Candidate handbook  
  • Application packet
  • Application statements
  • Select emails from DANB regarding your exam 
  • Exam outline and terminology list 
  • Non-disclosure agreement

Other materials and communications related to the exam will be in English only, including but not limited to the online application, exam results, certificate (if earned), appointment emails sent by Pearson VUE, and some emails sent by DANB.

The RHS exam in Spanish is only offered as a standalone exam and cannot be taken in combination with another exam. If you are applying for the RHS exam in Spanish and intend to take another exam that is normally offered in combination with RHS (such as ICE and/or GC), please contact docreview@danb.org.


Learn more about DANB’s exam offerings in Spanish below.

Which exams does DANB offer in Spanish?

DANB offers the Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) exam in Spanish.

When will other exams be offered in Spanish?

DANB is looking into offering the Infection Control (ICE) exam in Spanish and potentially other DANB exams.

Should I take the exam in Spanish or English?

Whether you take the exam in Spanish or English is a personal decision that you should make considering your unique situation. You might consider not only the language you feel most comfortable speaking, but also the language you feel most comfortable reading, writing, and test-taking in. When you take the exam in Spanish, you will be able to also see the questions in English. However, if you take the exam in English, you will not be able to see the questions in Spanish. 

Will anyone know if I take the exam in Spanish?

You are the only one who will know in which language you took the exam. If you pass the exam, the certificate you receive will be in English, and it will be the same for both the English and Spanish versions of the exam.

Where can I get study materials in Spanish?

The DALE Foundation is working on developing the RHS Practice Test in Spanish. DANB also provides a vocabulary list in Spanish and English and related acronyms in English as part of the exam outline. You may be able to find dental assisting textbooks in Spanish online.

Can I switch the language of my exam?

Yes, if you would like to switch the language in which your exam is offered, you can do so. You will need to submit the Exam Language Switch Request Form. There is no fee to make the switch if you submit it within 60 days after the end of your current testing window.

I failed the exam in one language. Can I retake it in a different language?

Yes, if you failed the exam in either English or Spanish, you may retake it in the same language or a different language. To retake the exam, you will need to re-apply and pay the exam fee. 

I passed the exam in one language. Can I retake it in the other language? 

No, you can only pass the exam once, in any language. If you encounter a special circumstance where your state dental board or employer is asking you to retake the exam you have already passed, please contact DANB.